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Does your child struggle with
Academic underachievement
ADHD school IEP anxiety
Depression absent parent PTSD
Trauma gun violence
Lack of support isolation
Easily influenced

Our intensive outpatient and G.AM.E. Mentoring programs offer clients comprehensive, high-quality care with the comfort, effectiveness, and convenience of an in-person experience with flexible program scheduling.

Now providing services at Shawnee, California, Parkland, and Neburg Boys and Girls Clubs!

G.A.M.E. Play by Play

The G.A.M.E., is an initiative crafted not just as a program but as a vibrant community hub. Our mission, broad and dynamic, is centered on empowering the youth through diverse and innovative programs founded on therapeutic approaches.
The G.A.M.E. Tuturing Program: This initiative addresses the unique educational challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed as a bustling café of learning, children are paired with dedicated volunteer tutors. From personalized tutoring to arts, and music, this program seeks to prevent school dropouts and encourage high school graduation.
Mentorship Program: the G.A.M.E.’s mentorship initiative promotes lasting relationships between young participants and adult mentors. These mentor-mentee pairs not only engage in life discussions but also connect in the digital realm via the “Video the G.A.M.E. Vibes” initiative. This platform harnesses the popularity of gaming to enhance leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in a virtual environment.

Instructional Program: the G.A.M.E.’s instructional hub offers DIY workshops on essential life skills. Catering to varied needs, participants can dive into financial independence lessons, life, and spiritual instruction, or delve into mental and behavioral health support. These sessions are helmed by experienced professionals, ensuring that participants have access to top-tier guidance.